Deric Schoof


Schoof - Headshot

Deric Schoof, Mortgage Advisor
NMLS #226816  

Deric has been in the mortgage banking arena for over 12 years.  He’s the author of “The Home Buyers Toolbox”; he consults and coaches first-time home buyers, as well as experienced home owners, to help them create a solid and sustainable home ownership strategy.  He helps buyers realize the difference between home loans with the lowest interest rate and loans with the lowest cost over time.  His commitment to educate today’s buyer on what they need to do in order to complete their purchase is key to his success.  After all, in today’s complex lending environment, funding a new loan application can be more complicated than most any other routine banking operation.  Experience counts and he uses his experience and skills to avoid problems or reduce the effects of the unavoidable.

971-300-0498 Direct

503-351-1759 Cell

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