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The 4 Blind Spots

At first, we might appear like just another mortgage company. But our clients’ unique experiences and breakthroughs could not be more different.

In 2013, our team set out on an incredibly bold mission: to provide an entirely new and powerful way for homeowners and home buyers to improve cash flow and net worth, while minimizing financial risk.

For nearly two decades, Trevor Hammond has studied the mortgage industry and proven strategies to help people improve their finances.  First, as a top mortgage advisor, personally helping thousands of homeowners, then transitioning to become a financial coach to his clients, and ultimately coaching and leading other mortgage and real estate professionals to grow their businesses and improve the lives of their clients.

Along the way, it becomes startlingly clear that there were some big problems brewing in the way most homeowners and home buyers approached real estate and the financing process. Even worse, there seemed to be very few lending professionals or institutions willing to do anything about it:

  1. The Commodity Trap:  Consumers (yep, that’s what the government calls us!) have been trained to treat the mortgage, and the process of obtaining a mortgage, far too lightly.  The way most mortgage companies across the country advertise is as if we are buying milk and eggs at the grocery store and decide to grab a new mortgage on aisle 5 while we are there.  In reality, the mortgage payment for most homeowners represents the single largest expense on our monthly budget and takes up the biggest portion of our paycheck.  The mortgage itself is the largest amount of debt most of us will ever carry.  On the positive side, the mortgage helps us secure an incredible asset (our house) that grows over time.  The fact is, how we handle the financing of our real estate impacts virtually every other aspect of our financial lives.
  2. Compartmentalizing:  Time after time, we see homeowners make decisions about their mortgage without truly understanding the potential impact on the rest of their financial situation and goals, such as getting out of debt, saving for college, or being able to retire someday…when they want and how they want!
  3. The Four Financial “Blind Spots”:  After years of working with thousands of clients, and consulting with real estate and financial professionals across the country, we have identified four “blind spots” that exist in every one of our lives that keeps us from achieving true financial freedom and peace of mind.

Armed with greater clarity and commitment than ever before on how to eliminate these three problems for families, and provide a better solution in the mortgage industry for homeowners and professionals, the our partnership with NEO Home Loans was formed.  With the support of NEO Home Loans,  and its offered products and resources, we can focus on helping homeowners and home buyers not just own real estate but also pave a better path to financial freedom.  Our team of mortgage advisors and support staff are trained to make a difference in the lives of clients and business partners like nobody else.  But how do we truly make a difference, you ask?

Introducing The BorrowSMART Process™.  We have innovated a 6-step solution that takes our clients through a unique process of thinking, decision-making, planning, and execution.  And the results are amazing:

  • New home buyers who work with our group of advisors are more confident than ever as they set out in search of their new home, armed with the knowledge and a custom plan that maximizes their cash and cash flow, reduces their cost of debt over time, and minimizes any future financial risks.  
  • Current homeowners learn how to reduce the overall cost of their mortgage over time while eliminating other consumer debt faster and easier.  Our clients enjoy a new partner as we help them gain greater awareness and understanding on how to manage their mortgage and their real estate properly to help them achieve all of their other financial goals and be prepared for when “life happens”.
  • Home sellers benefit tremendously from our SMART Seller Consultation™.  With our planning tools and unique consulting process, sellers quickly realize the power of meeting with us long before their house is sold!  Soon-to-be home sellers find themselves with a confident plan on how best to allocate their proceeds from their sale to best minimize taxes, maximize cash flow and savings, and achieve other short and long-term financial goals outside of the real estate transaction.
  • Real estate and financial professionals are excited and even relieved, to find a new and innovative partner in the mortgage industry to help their clients unlike ever before.  We have become an extension of their trusted services, which we cannot, and do not, take lightly.  Our unique lending and advising process, combined with incredible execution to get every mortgage closed on time for the clients, makes it a win-win-win (clients, partners, advisors) for everyone involved!

(If you are a real estate or financial professional, and would like to schedule an interview to inquire about partnering with us and providing access to The BorrowSMART Process™ to your clients, contact one of our Advisors directly.)

Possibly one of the greatest benefits to be found at NEO Home Loans is seeing the joy and fulfillment our mortgage advisors and support team have when providing our unique value to their clients and partners.  The last several years have brought unprecedented change, and stress, to homeowners and the mortgage and real estate industry as a whole.  Thousands of mortgage and real estate professionals have exited the business, either due to burn-out, or an inability to create unique value for their clients.

Yet, with real estate prices and interest rates both rising, combined with a continued lack of personal savings and too much consumer debt, homeowners, and home buyers need expert advice more than ever.  Our commitment to developing innovative ways to help our clients is why our mortgage advisors continuously receive high praise and kudos from clients and referral partners alike.  This, in turn, creates a unique opportunity for our team to truly love what we do!

  • If you are thinking of buying in the next 12 months, have questions about refinancing, or would simply like a professional review of your situation and goals, click here to connect with one of our Advisors.
  •  If you would like to inquire about having Trevor Hammond or one of our Mortgage Advisors speak at one of your events, please click here for more information.

We are excited to share our story with you and look forward to being a valued partner in your success going forward.


Trevor Hammond and the entire NEO Home Loans team

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