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We believe strongly in helping others grow and achieve higher levels of success…personally, professionally, and financially.

Trevor - Speaking

One of the most powerful ways we do this is through group education and coaching.  Below are just a few of the important topics we provide custom training and education on:.

For Home Owners, Buyers, and Sellers:

  •  The BorrowSMART, RepaySMART Workshop™:  This custom workshop is at the heart of what we do.  Our unique concepts and strategies taught in this course help homeowners learn to make smarter decisions when financing and owning real estate.  Powerful tools and concepts like EPR™, the 7-Steps and 7-Concepts, Opportunity Cost, House vs. Home Conversation, and more provide a new foundation for homeowners to ensure a better, smarter, financial future.
  • The Secret Guide to Understanding Credit:  Credit and our credit scores play such a vital role in our ability and our costs to borrow money.  Lower credit scores equals higher interest rates and more difficulty in paying off our debts.  This workshop helps attendees understand how credit scores are calculated, and some proven methods for improving credit scores and keeping them high.
  • The Financial Independence Journey:  A workshop that will transform the way you view, spend, and save money, this class goes far beyond mortgages and paying off debt.  Sometimes taught over multiple sessions, attendees become more clear than ever on the role money plays in their lives, what money means to them, and why they make certain spending and savings decisions.

For Real Estate and Financial Professionals:

  • The 7 Levels to Take Your Business from Commodity to Mastery:  Taught by Trevor Hammond, author, business coach, and Division Vice President at NEO Home Loans, sales professionals learn the path to take their business out of the commodity-trapped level to a level where their clients love them and refer more friends and family their way.
  • Developing Your 90-Day Business Plan:  A fundamental tool in helping professionals and business owners increase productivity, this workshop shares Trevor Hammond’s personal road map to narrowing down a year’s worth of goals into quarterly, achievable plans.  Understanding that four good quarters results in a great year, professional attendees walk away with a new mindset, and a new tool, to better plan their business and achieve their goals all year long.

To discuss any speaking opportunities on these topics or others not listed here, please contact Trevor.Hammond@NEOHomeLoans.com or complete this form:

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