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It’s Time To Review YOUR Debt Elimination Plan!

What’s that you say? — You don’t have a specific plan to know exactly when you’ll be debt free or a strategy to get debt free faster and easier? Here’s the problem… While most homeowners only go through the mortgage “borrowing” process … Continue reading

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The Three Considerations for Making All Investment Decisions

The Three Considerations for Making All Investment Decisions   Over the past month we have been discussing the new location, location, location as it relates to your cash and cash flow. We have already broken down the different types of investing we … Continue reading

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Investing in Assets vs Debt

  A couple of weeks ago we discussed investing in debt both in personal debts (auto loans, credit cards) and in investment debt (mortgage for a house). The alternative to this is investing in assets. This is typically done by selecting … Continue reading

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Your Mortgage and Retirement

Imagine ten, fifteen, or even 20 years from now.  You are just coming down off the excitement of your pre-retirement party.  Your co-workers, friends, and family have left.  The helium balloons are hovering half-way between the floor and ceiling, while … Continue reading

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