It’s Time To Review YOUR Debt Elimination Plan!

Time is money

What’s that you say? — You don’t have a specific plan to know exactly when you’ll be debt free or a strategy to get debt free faster and easier?

Here’s the problem While most homeowners only go through the mortgage “borrowing” process 4 – 6 times over their lifetime, they are “repaying” their mortgages and other debts every single month for 40 – 60 years! Yes — years!   Thus, for most people, changing how you manage your cash flow and the repayment of your debts can be the key to achieving the financial freedom you desire.

Borrow l Repay Smart

You face important questions such as…

Do bi-weekly payments make sense? Is it better to pay down the mortgage or save the money? When rates drop, does it make sense to refinance? Should I refinance to shorten the term of my mortgage to align with my retirement goals? Should I pay off other consumer debts or pay off my mortgage faster?

What is the RepaySMART Program™ for Homeowners?

The RepaySMART Program™ is an exclusive (and complimentary!) service offered only by the mortgage experts at Aspire Mortgage Group. While we get paid to help people borrow money for a new house or when refinancing, our true mission is to help homeowners achieve a better financial future. By helping you pay off your mortgage and other consumer debt faster and more efficiently, you will ultimately be able to save more money and achieve greater financial freedom and peace of mind.

What You Should Do Now:

To take advantage of this complimentary offer, follow these quick, simple steps (2 – 5 minutes):

1. Go to

2. On the menu, click on The Aspire Team to select your preferred Aspire mortgage expert

3. Click on the “click here: hotlink to begin the BorrowSMART™, choose “Refinancing” via the drop-down menu, and complete the remaining questions, plus information about other existing debts.

Once you’ve completed these three simple steps, the Aspire mortgage advisor will review your information and contact you to schedule a 15-minute RepaySMART Review™. This will include a brief discussion of your mortgage, consumer debt, house value, as well as your other short and long-term financial goals. Once complete we will deliver to you your personalized RepaySMART Plan™ to help you to stay on track to achieving your goals and reach your Freedom Point™ (the point at which you will be debt free!).

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