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The Lesson of the Wishing Well

Your energy, time, and resources are limited.  How you choose to spend these are completely up to you. That being said, you must learn to avoid the most common trap of the wishing well:  The WISHING WELL is 25 holes, … Continue reading

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Top 10 Lessons I Learned in April 2017

Every month, I strive to learn and grow.  I do it with intention and with purpose.  My day starts with reading.  Throughout my day I have great conversations with others.  I listen to podcasts while driving and working out.  And … Continue reading

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How Do YOU Define Financial Safety?

This is a question I’ve studied and asked people for many years now.  The answers vary and also tend to change over time. So how do YOU define financial safety for yourself?  For your family? Having no debt? Lots of … Continue reading

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Debt Happens – It’s How You Repay It That Matters

Whether it’s your mortgage, money owed for home improvements, car loans, student loans, or last months’ vacation still on your credit card, most of us have debt. Debt comes and goes.  You pay off everything, and then decide to remodel … Continue reading

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