The Borrow Smart Process

We have innovated a unique and powerful 6-step mortgage process to help homeowners maximize their cash and cash flow, while avoiding common mortgage mistakes and minimizing financial risk over time.  The results?  Our clients enjoy a new and more valuable way to ensure a better mortgage experience and a safer, more confident financial future.

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Step 1: The BlindSpot Matrix™:  As a valued client, you will learn the four financial “blind spots” impeding your financial success, so that we can identify areas of opportunity for greater clarity and success ahead.

Step 2: The Bigger, Better Future™: Our journey through life should always be committed to creating a bigger, better future for ourselves and those we care about most.  Our top priority is helping you become clear on what your Bigger, Better Future™ looks like, and then begin mapping out the path to build it!

Step 3:  The BorrowSMART Conversation™:  With a powerful foundation set from the first two steps, our mortgage consultation is like no other!  You will learn concepts and strategies (made simple!) to help you make smart money decisions, including the 7 steps and 7 questions you must consider when borrowing money.  Based on what you have shared so far, we will review your personalized BorrowSMART Analysis™, comparing top mortgage options side by side to determine the best, safest way to move forward and achieve your goals.  This custom analysis and planning helps ensure that the new mortgage you choose not only makes sense now, but also optimizes your monthly cash flow and paves the way for a better long-term financial future.

Step 4: The SMART Search™: If shopping for a new house, you may search confidently with your real estate professional once we arm you with your custom BorrowSMART Plan™.  We provide your real estate agent with the tools needed to negotiate on your behalf and help get your offer accepted.  (If you are refinancing an existing home, you move right to step 5.)

Step 5:  The Process Simplifier™:  We have streamlined the loan process to ensure you are kept up to date and always have your questions answered in a timely manner.  If purchasing a new home, studies show that 80% of your stress begins once in contract.  Our process is designed to minimize your stress, and close on time…every time!

Step 6: The RepaySMART Program™:  Once your new mortgage is complete, our real work begins.  We know you will have questions and decisions to make year-round, long after the loan has closed.  We provide complimentary reviews and consulting to help you pay back your mortgage and other debts faster and easier.  Ultimately we partner with you to help you enjoy more money, less stress, and more life…and that is our mission!

To get started now, contact us!  We look forward to serving you and helping you Borrow SMART!

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