Mortgages, Money & Life


Mortgages, Money and Life: 52 Lessons on a New Way of Looking at Owning a Home, Creating Wealth, and Making Smarter Decisions with Your Money.

Most people don’t understand money at the level they need to make smart financial decisions. As a result, they don’t do a good job managing the money they earn. Money flows in and out of their checking accounts, and they have very little to show for their hard work. Discover how to make better choices when it comes to your money and avoid the blind spots and achieve a better financial future.




What Other People Are Saying

“Mortgages, Money and Life has totally transformed the way I view my mortgage and the way I manage money. This book is full of expert financial planning advice but written in a really fun and interesting way. I would totally recommend this book to anyone who owns a home, is looking to refinance or is future home owner – it’s a highly valuable resource!”