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What a Year for Real Estate!

According to, the median house price in Portland, Oregon is $406,200. Home values rose 12.9% over the past year! Imagine buying your very first home a year ago for $300,000. While you’ve enjoyed all of the personal rewards that … Continue reading

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Five Reasons You Might Want to Consider Refinancing

Owning a home and building equity opens up many opportunities. As a homeowner, there will be times you wonder if refinancing your mortgage makes sense. Rightly so, as there are quite a few reasons getting a new mortgage can improve … Continue reading

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The Surprising Reasons People Refinance their Mortgages

With mortgage interests at all-time lows and home prices continuing to rise at a nice, steady rate, refinancing is a hot topic. So let’s look at why most people choose to refinance. A recent study of homeowners who have refinanced … Continue reading

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Helping Your Child Set Up a Budget

Nobody really likes the big “B” word…budget. Budgeting isn’t typically fun, and many adults struggle with budgeting. Unfortunately, our children will learn a lot about money from us, so if we aren’t good at budgeting and handling our personal finances … Continue reading

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