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Mortgages, Money & Life Lesson #18: What if Life Started Tomorrow?

Mortgages, Money & Life is 52 lessons on a new way of looking at owning a home, creating wealth, and making smarter decisions with your money. Here is lesson #18: What if Life Started Tomorrow?

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Top 10 Lessons I Learned in October 2017

Well…it happened.  My year-long goal to hit “pause” and reflect on all that I’ve learned each month didn’t happen!  So I’m catching up now because I DID learn a ton in October.  I only failed to summarize it in a … Continue reading

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Helping Your Child Set Up a Budget

Nobody really likes the big “B” word…budget. Budgeting isn’t typically fun, and many adults struggle with budgeting. Unfortunately, our children will learn a lot about money from us, so if we aren’t good at budgeting and handling our personal finances … Continue reading

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Finishing 2015 Financially Strong

We are in the fourth quarter!  In less than two short months we will be welcoming in 2016 and setting those ever popular New Year’s Resolutions.  For many people, money is at the heart of these annual goals, since many … Continue reading

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Kids and Money: What is Your Child’s Financial Personality Type?

Is your child a saver or a spender?  One of our most important missions as a company is to help our clients improve their financial literacy.  By helping you make smarter decisions with your money, even beyond the mortgage, we get … Continue reading

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The 8 Key Ingredients to Optimal Health

I recently listened to an interview with Kenny Aronoff that was incredibly enlightening. This may not be a house hold name for you (it definitely wasn’t someone I had heard of), but Kenny is one of the most sought after … Continue reading

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