Some Perspective on Success

In Robert Conklin’s book, Think Yourself to Riches of Life, he offers some new and old insights into the mental side of success.  The following can be great reminders for all of us:

I am

  • Want to know what you’ll be like tomorrow? Your consciousness today will be your state of being tomorrow.
  • If you want big success, you have to think big.  The average person does not think big enough.  Do you?
  • Highly successful people are not obsessed with material things.  They are more concerned with standards of thinking than with standards of living.
  • Big thinkers relate to the positive characteristics of others.
  • Successful people see opportunities all around them.  Do you?
  • Successful people have concrete values to guide them in their decisions.
  • Big thinkers look past today; their big dreams carry them through the daily grind.

Conklin provides some mental strategies to help:

  • Fasten in your mind all the details of success.  See it as yours already.
  • Use the affirmation, “I am.”  Replace “I will,” and “I would like to” with “I am.”
  • Don’t compete against others; doing so is training yourself to see them as adversaries.  Instead, set your own standards and compete against your past performance.

I hope these ideas were thought-provoking and motivating!

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