What are you becoming?

It’s never just about achieving your goals.  It’s about what you become while pursuing your goals.

Never would I have imagined myself having the stamina to climb 200 floors, for an entire hour on a stair master, in a room deprived of oxygen to simulate an altitude of 14,100 Feet.  But I just did.  (And I didn’t puke!)

Six months ago I would be equal parts bored and tired after just 10 minutes on a stair master!

But six months ago I committed to climbing the highest mountain in Africa – Mt. Kilimanjaro.  All kinds of fears come along with setting big goals like this:  having the necessary endurance, avoiding altitude sickness, and the potential embarrassment of not making it to the summit at 19,300 feet.

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make in life is not setting big enough goals and then having the courage to pursue them.

But it’s a great reminder to us all that when you do fully commit to achieving something so big that it scares you, you will find the courage and discipline to accomplish more than you ever thought possible. And what you become along the way will surprise you.



Mont Kilimanjaro


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