Top 10 Lessons I Learned in December 2017


This is it!  I made it the entire year capturing the most important lessons I’ve learned each and every month and then narrowed them down to my top 10 to share with YOU!  Now the question is, will I be able to narrow down ALL of my 2017 lessons learned into my top 10 of the YEAR?  That will be tough, but I’m looking forward to reviewing all 120 lessons from 2017.

For now, here is my top 10 for December.  You’ll find a theme around goal setting and happiness, since that’s what December is typically about for me as I look ahead to the New Year.  I hope one or more these lessons can help you in some way move forward, either professionally or personally in 2018.  That’s why I share them.

  1. Pain + Reflection = Progress (Ray Dalio)
  1. Knowledge is only potential power.
  1. We tend to be the product of the thinking around us.  And far too much of this thinking is little!
  1. Once you truly believe you can do something, the “how-to-do-it” begins to materialize.  But first you must believe.  If you don’t, your mind will continue to find “reasons” to support this negative belief.
  1. Pursuing happiness actually pushes it away!  Happiness is actually the by-product of focusing and acknowledging your growth and progress.
  1. Lack of clarity leads to inaction.  Simply ask, “What’s the very next, most obvious step or action I want to take?”
  1. “The things that matter the most should never be at the mercy of things that matter the least.” (Jonathan Goethe)
  1. You can’t want something more for someone than they want for themselves.
  1. People love water; they hate waterboarding.  Meaning, don’t pile on too much too quickly.
  1. Failure:  Waiting for the difference-maker and not realizing it’s YOU!

Thank you for reading and following!  Keep learning.  Keep growing.  It is what we are designed to do as humans.  And PLEASE SHARE this with others to give value and help THEM grow.  Make 2018 amazing!

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