Borrow Smart, Repay Smart: Paying for College (Part 3 of 3)

Dear Borrow Smart Family,

Happy Monday! Today I wrap up Part 3 of a three-part series, that I created for you to help your children afford a college education. Saving for college is not for the faint of heart, ladies and gentlemen; But the outlined tools can help get any parent get organized with a plan in-hand in a relatively short amount of time.

Check out  Part 1 + 2 if you haven’t already:

Part 1: Ensuring as a homeowner how to integrate a home loan strategy into your college savings strategy

Part 2: what does college cost? A great online calculator that helps you reverse engineer your savings plan and keep you on track

Part 3 (in the video below), I delve into 529 plans and why they may be a good option to store money you are planning to save for your children’s college education (Please be sure to consult with your financial planner or tax advisor on this).


I wish you all the best!


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