Borrow Smart, Repay Smart: Your Choices with Money

Dear Borrow Smart Family,

How do we discipline ourselves to spend money wisely? As an everyday mortgage professional, I help people acquire the largest asset they have – a home. To help borrow the most amount of money they’ve ever borrowed – a mortgage. For the largest line item in their budget… You guessed it, a mortgage payment.

As students, and ultimately, masters of helping clients manage money better, we can identify 3 choices that we all have relating to our money.

The 3 choices are as follows:
1. We can spend it
2. We can save it
3. We can use the money to prepay debt

Every money conversation leads back to those three choices. Debt prepayment, relates to car loans or student loans, that you have a choice to prepay, if needed, every month. I go into a bit more detail below:


I desire for you a full life, of no regrets or holding back. Life should be fun! But if you’re feeling overburdened by debt, please reach out to for a complimentary review of your home equity and current cash flow status. I’m here to help. I wish you all the best!

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